Monday, January 8, 2018

Kane: 4 Months Old

I did a little poll to see who people thought Kane looked more like, Liam or Finn, and it was 50/50.  I continue to see both boys in him, perhaps a tad more of Liam currently, with Finn's cheeks.  We've hit that stage (that all my kiddos have) where they have a brief run with red hair.  I imagine Kane's will eventually turn blond, just like his brothers'.  His eyes continue to amaze, so so large (quite similar to mine as a baby) and so dark!  I'm sticking with a blue/gray for now.  They make him appear to be surprised nearly all the time, which I kinda love about him.

His personality traits are staying true to the previous months.  He is still ever so ticklish!  Startles easily (a surprise pounce from one of our cats can send him into tears).  He doesn't like to hear Finn or Liam cry.  And he loves eye contact!  While in the sling, he desperately searches for any & all strangers to start smiling at.  He continues to be our worst sleeper, which is really just terrible now that the 4 months sleep regression is here.  He wakes all through the night.  Rarely ever doing more than a 2 hour stretch. We cosleep, snuggling all night long, and nursing constantly.  With this being my third baby it is merely the norm, albeit still makes for a very sleepy mama.

This month he started rolling from my tummy to back!  All the time for a good 2 week stretch, and now he's over it.  Instead he prefers to stay on his tummy, and attempt to wriggle around; he can make a full circle!  Constantly watching his big brothers and trying to see what they are doing.  Also searching for that eye contact.  He can monkey sit for short periods, so I expect legit sitting is not too far away!  This month also brought on the teething.  So.  Much.  Drool.  He soaks through bibs, always needing a dry one.  By far our drooliest baby.  And everything goes in his mouth.  He's ferocious with his teethers, which are in a constant rotation.  The boy loves variety.  I have never owned so many teethers for one child.  But they seem to keep him happy (and drooling).  Also included in this month was his first flight!  He was a champ just like his brothers, sleeping most of the time.  I cannot wait for all our travels & adventures together!

His smile is contagious & he brings so much joy to our family.  There has been something so special about number three!  I love seeing his relationship with every member of our family, and how he has changed (for the better) the group dynamic.  We're all so happy he's here!  I know big changes are ahead in the coming months once Kane is mobile, but we look forward to all those milestones.  He have his 4 month check up at the end of the week, and I cannot wait to see those stats.  I imagine he is going to be right between where Liam & Finn were at this age.  Definitely a big boy, who is already crazy heavy!  Now send me all the coffee as I endure the next 1.5 years of sleepless nights!


  1. His eyes are just the best. And I still see so much Finn (maybe it's the cheeks?).
    I hope those teeth pop through quickly, and sleep becomes a little better.
    Cheers to four months!!

  2. He does always look surprised! Love it! We’ve hit the dumb sleep regression too. My nipples are the ones taking the beating lol

  3. I definitely see Kane as a combination of Liam and Finn, too. I love how those eyes look so curious, and I can only imagine what's going through his mind as he watches you and his brothers. Wishing you some full nights of sleep in the near future. When Mommy is well rested, everyone benefits. :)


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