Monday, January 15, 2018

Spokane: So Hip, So Trendy

Utah has seriously been lacking in the snow department, so thank goodness we had a trip up to Washington just after Christmas!  It was a winter wonderland up there, with my parent's lake house accumulating somewhere between 2-3 feet of snow during our stay!  We always go visit my family just after the holidays, and stay through New Years.  My parents wait for my arrival to celebrate Christmas, so all the festivities really continue on for another week!

You all know how much I just adore Spokane.  How I miss it terribly.  Want to move back.  Visit every chance I get.  Want to grow old there.  I could go on & on about how amazing it is.  And then... oh then... Spokane decided to get super trendy and just start winning over more hearts.  They put a brand spanking new skating rink in the riverfront park downtown.  It's a "ribbon" with inclines, declines, a little skating pond.  Hot cocoa, beers, really everything you could ever want in skating rink.  Instagram loves it!  Watch our Central Park ice rink, Spokane is coming for ya!  So of course, our first night in town we checked out the city's newest feature with cousins.

After celebrating "Christmas" the next day, we were off the lake house for a week!  It's always one of my favorite places!  So cozy.  Perfect for relaxing.  Except I was getting over one helluva cold, and my cough was so severe that I bruised a rib.  Or cracked one.  Or just did something terribly awful to my rib.  So I was in quite a bit of pain for our visit.  That meant lots of couching laying, napping with the baby, and reading.  I finished January's book club book before January even started (The Memory of Us.... soooooo good!)!  Still it was a lovely time full of family, good eats, and always cocktails.  Eventually I left the house for some New Year's Eve drinks with just my mom.  We arrived at the bar (1 of 4 in the one stop light town) to a bottle of champagne ready of us thanks to my Conor & my dad.  It was wonderful having a little time with Nana to myself!  The rest of the evening was rather quiet, and I hit the sheets long before midnight.

Towards the end of our stay, I was finally feeling good enough to venture down to the lake with the boys.  It was frozen over (although barely, so we stayed close to shore).  The trees all perfectly coated with snow making for quite the breathtaking landscape.  Also breathtaking because it was damn cold.    Regardless, Kane snoozed away.  He seems to take his best naps outside, no matter the temperatures.  The older boys had their very first ice fishing experience (mine too!)!  We found a small hole left behind from previous fisherman, so it was easy to break in.  Conor grabbed a pole & power bait from the boat house upon the boys insistence, and in less than a minute we had a bite.  A KOKANEE!!!!!  He was huge!   Too huge to fit through our little hole.  Womp womp.  However, I see far more ice fishing during future lake house visits.  

Another truly lovely visit with my family. A week wasn't enough; I could have stayed far longer.  I love watching my boys with their grandparents.  The huge smiles all around.  The helping hands.  More & more I treasure the photos I take, knowing that my boys will have them to look back on.  What I really need to get better about it is video!  Not just 15 second clips, but full home videos.  Perhaps a goal for the new year!  A huge thanks to my parents for always welcoming our little circus. The lake house feels at its best when it's just bursting with family!


  1. Aww Laura what a special trip! I’m so sorry you were hurt though. That’s no fun. Glad you were at least with your family. It seems like such a neat little piece of the country!

  2. Breathtaking photography, as usual! This makes me want to visit Spokane. What a beautiful winter wonderland!

  3. Minus that cold and bruised rib, your trip sounds absolutely lovely.
    How fun to ice fish and truly catch a big one!

  4. How special! I'm sorry to hear about your awful cough, but I'm so glad you had the chance to make memories ice skating, going out for drinks w/ your mom, and ice fishing. It sounds like the perfect visit, plus who doesn't like celebrating another week of Christmas? As always, your pictures are so beautiful and truly capture the moment. I'm not sure video can always do that...Maybe?!

  5. Sounds like an amazing trip as do all of your lake house trips! And as always, love your photos!!

  6. Looks like the BEST trip! Minus the bruised rib and all, it sounds like the perfect holiday with family!


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