Monday, February 5, 2018

Kane: 5 Months Old

Another month with this cutie, and goodness, it was a good one!  I always feel as though babies "wake up" to the world around the 4 month mark, and from then on, it's constant learning & exploring.  Kane now loves watching his brothers more than ever before.  He tracks them all over the room with his eyes, moving his body around to always have them in sight.  I'm amazed at how much distance he can already travel, even though crawling is still far off.  He can roll both ways now and will often roll & roll.  Definitely my most active baby.  A somewhat scary thought.  His legs & arms are constantly moving, especially during diaper changes when he loves to just pound his legs down on the table over & over.  He's also officially sitting now, although not for extended periods of time.  He gets anxious to start grabbing for toys and will easily tumble himself over.  But his strength is showing and improving.

blanket: Little Unicorn

This month brought the fascination with everything that is not a toy.  Or at least not his toy.  And he most definitely knows the difference.  He knows what his brothers have, and he wants it!  Everything goes in the mouth.  Everything.  Still no teeth, but plenty of drool.  He grabs at everything, including my dinner plate, coffee, wine.  I'm planning on introducing solids sometime next month, with the baby led weaning approach (you can read old posts about this here, here, and here).  It will be casual, no big deal.  Kane nurses far less than his brothers ever did.  It could possibly be due to being busier and on the go more often.  But often I'm realizing I should probably feed him long before he ever seems to need it.  But obviously, at well over 17 lbs, he is getting plenty of milk!

In exciting news, he seems to be my first babe to bounce back from that awful 4 month sleep regression.  Right now, he starts the night off with a good 4-5 hour stretch.  After that he is often up a handful of times.  This may not sound all that amazing to some, but anything is an improvement over waking every 2 hours or less!  I'm hoping this will continue to be the new norm!  We've also settled into a good nap routine.  On a typical day, he takes three solid naps now.  Sometimes the car.  Sometimes the sling.  Sometimes his bed.  But he's flexible and can really fall asleep anywhere.  Probably another perk of being the third child.

The sling is still his most favorite place to be.  He's still ticklish. Unsure about being tossed in the air. Loves books (mostly to chew).  Has the sweetest coo & google, although he's a rather quiet little guy.  Eye color is still undetermined.  Currently they are almost hazel in the middle & gray on the outside.  Completely intriguing!  Kane is super easy going and just happy to be around everyone else.  He has truly just been the sweetest addition to our family!

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