Friday, March 2, 2018

My BFF & Four Boys

A couple of weeks ago, Conor had a week long business trip to Europe.  And I always, always (always!) fly my mom in for these longer trips.  Well this time...she couldn't come.  And I was freaking out.  So Conor surprised me, and booked my best friend a ticket to come and help out that week!  I don't get to see her nearly as often as I would like, so this was so incredibly special.  She has a nearly one year old boy herself, so while we knew that week would bring a bit of chaos, we were both thrilled to be together!

In full honesty, it was not a good week for my boys.  They often seem to struggle more when Conor is away, but this was way worse than the usual.  And while I obviously would love for my best friend to see me shine as a mother.  To see me at my best, most patient self.  To see that I'm handling three young boys like a boss.  Well that wasn't exactly the glimpse into my life that she got.  But she's my best friend!  So she is the one who can see me struggle without judgement.  To witness the more raw & vulnerable side of me.  To be the one to remind me that I am far too hard on myself as mother.  Really she's the best!

And goodness was she such a help!  For still wrangling one of her own, she did far more than I ever expected.  It was such a delight to walk out of the boys' bedrooms after putting them to bed at night and to come into a clean kitchen.  Complete with Liam's lunchbox washed and ready to be filled for another day.  There were lots of little things like that, which helped the week go by more smoothly.  Like her attempt to shovel the two feet of snow we got one weekend, only to find two neighbors to snow blow it instead (because Lord knows I wouldn't be asking strangers for help!).  Or how she often stayed behind with the younger boys, so I could have solo drives for Kindergarten drop offs & pick ups, which is really just one big ol' gift all on its own!

There were coffee runs & middays mimosas (it was a vacation of sorts!).  Late night Olympic viewing.  One night we quickly tossed back a bottle of wine and shared our favorite youtube videos.  We reminisced.  Really, it was just like the college days.  Dinner, drinks, go snuggle with some boys.  It was the best!

I may have been completely worn out by the end of it all.  Completely beaten day by the rough week. But it was still such a special & memorable time.  And who knows when we will get a week straight together again!  Miss you Amanda!


  1. This is SO much fun! And your pictures, as always... gorgeous!

  2. What a special visit! I don't think I can remember the last time I spent a week with a best friend. What a gift and what memories! We need a friend to remind us of how awesome we are...even when everything seems to spin into chaos around us :)


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