Sunday, April 29, 2018

Moved In

I shared on Instagram that we finally got our moving announcements out.  My sweet friend Victoria took these photos for us just a couple weeks after we moved in; and yet, months later people still didn't have our new address.  Unpacking & organizing has taken far longer than I ever expected!  We have so many projects that we want to complete.  Landscaping to add.  Just getting more comfortable in the new space and making it ours.  Typically, we spend as much time outside as possible, so sticking around home on the weekends is always tough. Hence, why things aren't getting done quite as quickly as we had hoped or wanted.

Conor is amazing and has been staying up far too late, trying to complete projects after dark and when the boys are asleep.  We've tried to focus on the spaces that currently get the most use, as well as the boys' rooms, so they can start to personalize them and feel at "home".  Both of the older boys will still talk about our old house or even the rental house occasionally.  It was a bit of an adjustment period initially, but now we are settling in nicely.

My plan is to share spaces as we somewhat complete them.  The first likely being the playroom; I'm simply waiting on a rug to arrive and then that space will be perfect!  Everything else is slow moving even though I'm keeping Conor plenty busy.  We've been installing wallpaper, shelving, barn doors, mud rooms, etc.  We never know how long we'll be in any one home, but I feel like I could stay in this one for awhile.  We toasted with champagne the first night that we fully felt moved in, but we're holding onto a really nice bottle of red for when the projects slow down and we're back on the couch in the evenings just relaxing.  What's the over/under on how long that will take?!

Enjoy the week friends!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Life! Plus, Easter 2018

Guys.... Easter was a long long time ago.  How is it that I am just now making it back to this space?!  Life has definitely changed lately.  It's a little overwhelming, a LOT of fun!  I feel like I'm really in the thick of motherhood now.  Three boys are keeping me busy!  So is the new house!  My DVR is full, and I cannot remember the last time Conor & I sat down to watch a show together.  Instead our evenings are now filled with making school lunches, completing volunteer hours for Liam's school (I do most of mine at home, lots of cutting & stapling), home projects that aren't noisy, dishes, laundry, showering, sleeping... somewhere in there.  I literally feel like I have zero free time!  Even more so since we both joined Orange Theory and are trying to figure out how to schedule those workouts in.

I'll attempt to do a little life catch up post soon, because Lord knows I have plenty of pictures to share!  Speaking of... Instagram continues to be my favorite platform.  You can find me there daily.  So while this space might not see much action, I'm over sharing over there!  So Easter...  my parents were here for a week long visit, which made the holiday extra special!  Rarely do we get to celebrate with family!

As is the case with many of my parent's visits, we simply enjoyed just being together.  No grand plans or crazy adventurous.  Conor & I loved having the extra hands around!  Of course there was some hiking, game playing, drinking, eating, shopping... you know, all the good stuff!  Plus, we fit in some house projects while my mom was around to offer her opinion & eye!  We had mostly good weather, so we even broke in our new patio for the first happy hour, complete with game night!  The Easter Bunny brought Liam Monopoly Junior, and we all played at least 10+ times in a two day span.  I also napped with Kane.  A lot.  It was the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep!

As far as Easter activities, we kept things simple.  Egg dying is always a must!  I love the patience it helps teach the boys, especially when using natural dyes.  Their focused faces were my favorite!  They wanted to dye about 2 dozen more, but I can only eat deviled eggs for so many days in a row...

The Easter egg hunt was epic!!! In the past we have done a hunt Easter morning with all our neighbors, but considering we had just moved & our back yard is currently a mud pit, that wasn't really an option.  I decided to do a small hunt with just our boys right near some trailheads by our house.  A quick little walk down the street.  We did it the morning before Easter, so that the actual day wouldn't be so crazy trying to fit in everything with brunch & church.  Best idea ever!!!  We sent my parents to the trails first, where they hid around 30 eggs for the boys.  And really hid them! No obvious eggs laying in the grass here!  The boys slowly worked their through the sage brush and grasses, finding all the goodies!  A tradition I mostly certainly think we will be repeating.  Side note: knee highs for boys are a must!  I actually intended for these to be for Kane & Finn, but they were way bigger than I anticipated, so they worked for the older two instead.  Be still my heart!  There will be plenty of more knee highs in our future.  I love Magnolia Kids if you are looking for a shop!

Easter itself was a lovely day.  Slow & relaxing.  The Easter Bunny totally delivered, making for excited boys.  And as already mentioned, we played a ridiculous amount of board games.  We brunched.  We napped.  We had a ham feast.  We put the kids to bed early and stayed up drinking wine & playing darts.  There were last minute snuggles & books read as we said goodbye to Nana & Pops the following morning.  A wonderful holiday with family!  Couldn't ask for more!

 Now that we've moved past Easter.... is it summer yet?!

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