Tuesday, June 12, 2018

BirdDay Party

With Finn's current love for birds, a party at our local aviary was an obvious choice!  Especially since we still have no landscaping at our new house, I was excited to be hosting the party elsewhere.  It was so easy to just show up with treats & favors and not worry about the rest.  Instead, I put my energy & creativity into some of the minor details.

The invitations were designed by a friend of a friend, and she completely nailed my vision!  They were perfect for the party!  For favors, I wanted to share the bird love with all of Finn's friends, so we made a bird seed mix and formed them into heart shapes.  We followed this recipe, and used bakers twine to finish them off.  For the hummingbird nectar, mix 1 cup of sugar with 4 cups of water.  Bring to a boil, then cool.  I packaged them in mason jars, which I swear are nearly impossible for kids to break.  And of course, the favors needed a sweet treat, so we made dirt cups with oreo crumbs and added in gummy worms.  The kid friendly "bird food", even though Finn kept asking if he could eat the actual bird seed as well, ha!

The party itself was a small, intimate group.  Huge amounts of people are so not my thing, so we focused on just Finny's core group of friends, which of course I did not snag a picture of... grr.  The party was laid back and perfect for our new 3rd year.  A story, a craft, and a walk around the aviary where everyone got to feed the ducks.  Given the time of year, we spotted many baby ducks which were quite friendly.  Finn has a favorite duck, the American Coot, if you ask him.  But "Mr. Mallard" is a close second thanks to the book Make Way for Ducklings.  Bird shirts were necessary and so so so cute!  Who knew Amazon has quite the collection?!

We ended the party with icecream sandwiches (Finny's request) and a walk around the aviary with just our little family.  It was the perfect opportunity to try out the new binoculars he received from friends for his birthday.  We also gifted him with a new suet feeder as well as a book called The Fog, which is about a bird who is a people watcher, adorable!  Bird everything!  We're just living our best bird lives over here in the Keenan House!

A huge thanks to all who celebrated with us near & far.  And for those who will sit and talk birds with our Finn.  This is such a fun hobby to foster, and it has cultivated many special moments for our family.  We're headed to Montana in a few days, and Grandpa has sent pictures of baby robins that just hatched!  And I hear that his Nana is already planning his big Christmas gift which will be a bird house.  Hopefully next spring we will have birds nesting nearby!

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