Wednesday, June 27, 2018


So we did a little thing.  We took a last minute trip to Conor's hometown in Montana. for a long weekend.  The flights may have been wicked expensive, but so so worth it!  Conor's parent's are selling the family restaurant after 35+ years!  It has been such a huge part of his life, that he wanted to make one last trip home to be there with his family.  One last meal, one last turn in the kitchen, one last drink, one last toast.  But many many cheers to his parent's retirement and all the relaxing and travel that will come along with that! 

The weather wasn't great, but we were there just to be with family.  To enjoy Montana for the slower pace.  We stayed in his parent's condo in downtown Bigfork, just across the street from the clocktower that chimes every hour.  It's familiar sound always seems to be the first thing to welcome us.  I love staying in the heart of the one stop light town, where coffee and pastries is just a stroll down the street, as is the lake and river.  There was swimming & boating & hiking.  And rain.  Lots of rain.  There were deer and baby birds (a robin built a nest right underneath the huge deck umbrella at his parent's house).  There were wild turkeys and red winged blackbirds.  Bald eagles & western meadowlarks.  A bird loving boy's dream.  Oh my little Finny loved watching all the new birds.

There were cousins!  Likely the boys' favorite part!  All that playtime made for much needed adult relaxation.  Late dinners on the deck were the norm, along with gorgeous sunsets.  Bottle after bottle of wine opened.  Golf balls hit into the lake.  Icecream.  Lots of lots of icecream, which is what happens when your in-laws open lots of icecream shops.  And their minivan that you are borrowing smells like waffle cones.  All minivans should smell that way just saying.

And it just so happened to be Father's Day weekend, which we rarely get to spend with family.  Such a treat to be with Conor's dad as well as our brother-in-law Sam, whom Kane took a particular liking to.   Within seconds of Sam walking in the room, Kane nuzzled him.  For minutes!  Such a sweet, pure love.   He even fell asleep in Sam's arms on the boat and later when we were at their house!  Conor & I so enjoyed the break of not always being responsible for naps.

We don't make it to Montana nearly as often as we would like, but hopefully that changes are our boys get older.  Conor wants to road trip there, but I'm not quite ready for a 10+ hour drive with a baby.  Perhaps in the older kid years.  But here's to hoping we get back more than every 1-2 years!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you likely saw many of these photos already, but there were just far too many to only share there.  Next, we are off to my parent's lake house in Idaho for two weeks!

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