Friday, August 31, 2018

A Scavenger Hunt 6th Birthday Party

This was a fun theme to put together!  Since moving into the mountains, Liam has had his heart set on a scavenger hunt birthday party.  So even though the temps were in the 90s, and even though we had zero landscaping in our backyard at this point, I made a scavenger hunt party happen!  It was a super fun theme to play around with.  I always try to keep things simple, while still making them special for my boys.  Here is glimpse at some of the details.  

Each year I print out my favorite 12 instagram photos of just the birthday boy from that year via social print studio.  I love arranging them in the number for that year, and then tucking them away in an envelope for safe keeping.  We printed the scavenger hunt list right onto paper lunch bags.   You can find the link to that download here.  Trail mix seemed like the obvious choice for a party favor treat.  And mason jars are one of my favorite ways to package goodies, because they are reusable!  Tie something extra on top (this time stick pencils) to bring it all together.  We added brown paper to our kitchen table so the kiddos could color while they waited for and ate their food (pizzas!).  And the watermelon numbers are a tradition we have done every year for Liam's party (yay for summer birthdays)!

We did homemade pizzas for all the kiddos when they first arrived, filling their bellies before heading out into the heat for a scavenger hunt.  Some were more into it than others, but I loved seeing what little treasures they each discovered as Conor helped them check off their lists.  Then cake!  I wish I had taken a picture of it, because it was likely Liam's favorite favorite part!  He has been eyeing the cake catalog at our local grocery store for months.  Instead of making cupcakes like I typically do, Liam got to choose whatever cake he wanted.  Chocolate cake with a forest/trail scene complete with a four wheeler... Whatever makes you happy buddy!  Store bought cake that brings all the happiness in the world for the win!

This day and this party filled Liam will joy, which is all I ever want when planning a party for my boys.  Another huge success!  Now the party planning committee is onto Kane's big day which I am entirely unprepared for...

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