Monday, October 8, 2018

Kane Turns 1 (A "Blueberries for Sal" Inspired Party)

First birthdays are a huge milestone!  One in which I would want to celebrate with our family.  It's probably the one birthday that I miss living away from "home" the most.  I want grandparents to be there.  Aunts, uncles, cousins.  But since that is not our reality, we choose to celebrate with our closest friends here in Utah who feel like family.  The ones that were a big part of Kane's first year of life!

I wanted to keep things simple, just a backyard barbecue.  But I also love party planning and running with a theme.  Kane's most favorite favorite food is blueberries, so I took a little inspiration from one of our favorite books Blueberries for Sal and ran with it!  The cupcakes I purchased from our local grocery store (they are delicious!) and later added the blueberries and teddy grahams myself.  We filled berry baskets with blueberries and tossed them in some lemonade as well.  I had some blueberry beers on hand, which were surprisingly good (if you like beer, which I don't).  To add a few more bear elements, I cut our some PB&J sandwiches for those kiddos who wouldn't want a hamburger and had gummy bears on hand for a parting gift.  Just a few little touches that made the day feel a tad more special.   

Kane loved having all his favorite people around.  He spent the evening trying to keep up with all the big kids and getting his hands on every ball in sight.  Present opening was only slightly overwhelming, and that whole birthday song business slightly terrifying.  I love the progression of his expressions from fearful, to skeptical, to joyful.  He almost grabbed the flame before the song was over, and I was able to help him blow out his candle.  He took a few nibbles of the cupcake, but really just enjoyed squeezing it.

This first year has flown by fast; yet, I don't find myself mourning how quickly the time is going.  While I will always & forever love snuggling a newborn, it's incredible watching him grow and interact with us more.  He loves his big brothers and wants to constantly be with them, trying to do what they do.  We are getting these little glimpses of what life will be like raising three boys through their adolescence.  I can nearly see the days of no nap times & diapers.  There is so much fun to come, and I absolutely cannot wait to experience it with all these boys of mine!

Now that I've wrapped up the final of birthday of summer, 
I'm hoping to blog about a few fall things!

You know... before fall is over...

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